Police arrest 6 for truck driver’s murder


Six persons have been arrested for allegedly killing a truck driver in Rohini’s Alipur after robbing his vehicle, which was loaded with rice sacks, the police told on Tuesday.

The accused were arrested on Monday, nearly 10 days after they allegedly shot the driver on January 5.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Rohini) Mr. Rajneesh Gupta told the accused have been identified as Rijwan (21), Jeetu (22), Tej (23), Arvind (22), Surdeep (25) and Dhruv (25).

Victim Kamil Khan left for Gujarat from Delhi to deliver a consignment but failed to reach his destination on January 8. Suspecting he had run away with the truck, his employer approached the police.

A senior officer told that the truck had a GPS tracker and its last location was near Rajghat.

“The truck was found abandoned near Rajghat. Next, we checked all the locations where the truck had stopped and found that it had stopped at Mukundpur for a long time,” he told.

The police questioned the people in the area and learnt that a few men had unloaded the truck and transferred the sacks to another vehicle. “The accused were nabbed with help of human and technical surveillance,” the officer added.

They allegedly told the police that they followed Kamil from Alipur on January 5 with the intention to rob the truck but killed him due to the fear of getting caught. The accused later revealed the location of Kamil’s remains in fields near Alipur.

“His remains were eaten by stray animals but his clothes were found intact. We will do a DNA test to confirm his identity,” the police told.

The need for a DNA test arose after the victim’s family told the remains did not belong to him and demanded a high-level probe. “They suspect that it is not his body as the clothes are not bloodstained,” the police said.

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