Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

Police Commissioner introduces new system to enhance safety and penalize violators


Chennai: A new e-challan system has been introduced and the Chennai city police have commissioned this system on Friday. This new system functions completely online and is integrated with Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) across the country.

The Police Commissioner Mr. A.K. Viswanathan said it is for the first time in the country that the most modernized e-challan machines are being commissioned in the city. By using these devices, the traffic police personnel will be able to book more cases, prevent traffic violations and reduce the accident rate. He distributed the new devices to the traffic police personal.

The software ecosystem for the new e-challan devices were developed by the National Informatics Centre. As this device operates online, it has real-time access to vehicle owner database and driving license database of all RTOs in the country. Photograph of the user, genuineness of vehicle owner/licensee can be verified.

The benefit of this new system is that by using this new device, challans can be issued to any vehicle having any state registration. In case of a pending violation no transaction like renewal of fitness certificates, name transfers will be permitted by the system at RTOs throughout India.

Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Mr. A. Arun said all the previously used e-challan devices introduced in 2011 have become out dated and faulty and would be replaced. The newly introduced e-challan devices are highly capable with the state of the art technology and is expected to be very handy to the police officers.  The police officer using this newly introduced e-challan device can immediately recommend the suspension of driving licenses at the time of booking the offence itself. The concerned RTO will receive the details electronically. Senior Police officials can view the location where the case is being booked in real time on a digital map. Both booking of violation and payment through credit/debit cards can be done with the same device,

Mr. A.K. Viswanathan today launched another service that is user friendly to the public. This service is a mobile application called GCTP Citizen Services. By using this application, the user can take photographs and videos of traffic violations and upload the same on it. Mr. R. Sudhakar, Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic (South) said the persons using this mobile app can send their complaints and feedback directly to the police. The status of their complaints can then be monitored through the app. The traffic police officers can access this app with a separate login to process the complaints and submit their responses. The users through the app can view these details of the responses. If the response is unsatisfactory, the user can take it to the higher authority.




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