Tue. May 21st, 2019

Police communication tools, Dial 100, WhatsApp helplines prove effective for Anantapur cops


Anantapur: Anantapur district is a district located in the Rayalaseemar region of Andhra Pradesh. The district headquarters is located at Anantapur city. According to the 2011 Census the district had a population of 40, 83,315 of which 28.09% is urban and has a literacy rate of 64.28%. It is the largest district in terms of area in Andhra Pradesh and is the 7th largest district in India respectively.

The contact points of the district police namely Dial- 100 and WhatsApp helplines with the public have proved to be highly effective by preventing four suicides and ensuring timely police assistance for 27 accident victims this month, the district police said on Saturday.

The Police Chiefs which included the Superintendent of Police Mr. G.V.G. Ashok Kumar and Additional Superintendent of Police Ms. K.S. Chowdeshwari praised the citizens for voluntarily coming forward to the rescue of their fellow people by preventing two child marriages, and stopping four people from committing suicide either by calling the 100 helpline or sending a WhatsApp message to 9989819191.

According to the Superintendent of Police, the awareness program conducted by the Anantapur police to emphasize the importance to wear helmets and fasten seat belts helped save 10 lives in the first fortnight of December. He said that all the 10 cases survived only because they fastened their seat belts.

As the information of the accidents were immediately reported by the citizens to the police, timely action was taken by the police to reach the accident victims to the nearest hospital for immediate medical care by which precious lives were saved. Accidents mostly occurred in Bhattalapalle, Garladinne, Mudigubba and Kuderu on the two national highways passing through the district.

The Police Chief while complimenting the police officials with whom he reviewed the efficacy of the twin helplines on Saturday, Mr. Ashok Kumar (SP) said 49 eve-teasers were apprehended and special surveillance teams were deployed at 154 places across the district. He also made a heartfelt request to the people to give information on any such activity in their areas so that police can intervene quickly.

The Blue Colts team moved into swift action and helped save a woman who was going to commit suicide on the railway tracks along with her two children. They also traced two children who went missing in Three Town and One Town limits in Anantapur. The traced children were handed over to their parents, who were warned to keep a close eye on their children.

A child marriage in Tadipatri town and another in Kodikonda was also stopped by the police in coordination with other government departments. The SP said with the prompt information given to the police by the public, betting and other illegal activities could be stopped in time with the help of the two helplines.



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