Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

Police disguises as truck drivers to catch highway robbers


Bengaluru: In an effort by the Bengaluru Police to apprehend the gang who were involved in the robberies and who targeted truck and cab drivers on NICE Road, the police for nearly a month shed their khakhi and donned the role of truckers and cab drivers to trap the gang. The efforts were taken by 15 police personnel, who would become bait by sleeping on the roadside, not only ended with the capture of the gang of three, but also helped them understand the trucking network.

A truck driver Bhaskar aged 44, from Chandapura was stabbed to death while the gang was trying to rob him on NICE Road on November 2nd.On that day when the gang struck, Bhaskar had parked his truck on the side of NICE Road and was asleep. Following the incident, a police team was formed to catch the gang. They went to a truck stand and hired two trucks every night.

The police drove the trucks on NICE Road and parked on the side as bait. Two constables, armed with weapons, pepper spray and handcuffs, would hide in the cabin of the truck. Meanwhile, other police personnel hired Ola and Uber cabs, and posed as drivers and passengers.

The plan adopted by the police failed because the accused were given information by one of the attendants at the truck stand saying that the police were taking out trucks every night. The accused had even approached near one of the decoy trucks, but fled soon after sensing trouble.

When the police team learnt that their plan to nab the accused had been exposed, they shifted to old-fashioned police techniques. They questioned the attendant and kept a watch on suspects. They analysed call record details of mobile phones in the area. A database was created, and the profiles of suspects were matched with the descriptions given by a few survivors of the culprits.

The accused were finally arrested. They are Syed Salman, 21, Syed Thouheed, 24, and Mohammed Mudassir, 24, all from the city. They are believed to be involved in eight robberies and one case of murder.


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