Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

Police documented an FIR against the factory blasted owner


LUDHIANA: In an unprecedented blast occurred in the furnace of the factory 11 workers injured and claimed the life of a worker last night. The DC Steel Limited is located at Jhabewal village in Ludhiana, the largest city and district of Punjab.

The migrant factory workers mostly hailed from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh were fully involved in remodeling hot iron when the blast occurred. The blast left the total number of 12 members injured causing a worker died on the spot. After the blast, the injured workers were rushed to the civil hospital for the treatment who suffered intensive burn injuries. A worker, Sri Ram Paswan who received 80% burnt is fighting for his life and was referred to the PGI, Chandigarh, is on a ventilator. The condition of the other workers is considered stable. According to police, the incident had happened at around 12:49 am as per the CCTV footage. The workers busy in the factory received burn injuries due to the huge intensity of the furnace blast, Ajinder Singh, ADCP-IV added.

Police will register a case against the owner of the factory for his negligence shortly and further inspection also would be carried out in the factory said the ADCP. In addition, the minor workers who had been working for two months made a complaint that they had been employed to work by a private contractor. After the blast, the factory owner did not permit them to go out of the factory and kept them in a room fearing the attention of the police. Police was waiting for the family members of the deceased to reach soon to take the corpse, he added.

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