Tue. May 21st, 2019

Police officer killed, 4 arrested and 5 detained in Bulandshahr violence


Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in India and has the highest population of around 200 Million. It has 18 Divisions and 75 Districts with its capital as Lucknow. The maintenance of law and order has been a herculean task for the police department in the state.

A law and order issue erupted in the form of violence in Bulandshahr and the Police have arrested four persons and detained five others concerning the issue. The violence took the lives of two people including a senior police officer on Monday. The state of Uttar Pradesh has been the most challenging state to maintain law and order for the police department. The ADGP (Law and Order) Mr. Anand Kumar of Uttar Pradesh Police has informed saying that he does not know about the organizations involved in the violence till date but the main accused in the violence has been identified as Yogesh Raj who is still at large.

The names among the 27 accused arrested in the FIR have been identified as Chaman, Rambal, Ashish Chauhan and Satish. Mr. Anand Kumar asserted saying that the Police teams are deployed who are putting all efforts to arrest Yogesh Raj, the main accused named in the FIR, who is an influential man in the city.

It is a controversial state as the communal violence takes place frequently. On Monday an angry mob flung stones and set vehicles on fire outside a police station over the reports of a cattle carcass lying in the fields. Mr. Subodh Verma, Inspector and a local youth, identified as Sumit, died in the clashes. The food of the Dalit community is beef and is a low caste food. The Dalit community is fighting for their rights in the state.

Mr. Kumar, ADGP told that a bullet has been recovered from the body of Sumit. He said the final post-mortem report will establish the caliber of the bullet. The police department has insufficient manpower to cater to the law and order needs of the state. The public must turn to be the Friends of Police to help them decrease the crime rate thus making the state a peaceful place to live in. A controversy on the reason of the death of the police officer has been raised. It is suspected that the police officer has been shot and thus has lost his life. He said six investigation teams have been formed to investigate into the issue. The police force has been deployed to ensure peace and protection in the affected area.



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