Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

Police reviewing Security strategy for important campaigning politicians


New Delhi: The Delhi Police has initiated security measures to protect the Delhi Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

Instructions have been issued to all the Deputy Commissioners of Police of all the 15 districts to take a review of the security arrangements that is provided for all the star campaigners in all political parties by the Delhi Police Commissioner.

A senior police officer said that we have been given instructions to closely review the security status provided to star campaigners who are visiting the various localities in the city. Police personal in plain clothes are deployed in close proximity with the campaigners in order to keep a watch on notorious criminals who are making an effort to approach the politicians.

The police have issued fresh instructions concerning the safety measures that needs to be adopted after an incident of attack on the Delhi Chief Minister.

A police officer said, occasionally on the request of the politicians certain people are allowed to share the vehicle with them or even come close to them. However, after the assault on the CM, a new security plan has been discussed with Mr. Kejriwal and we have requested him to cooperate with policemen around him while campaigning. The security entitled to the Chief Minister is Z-category in which 25 police officers are in uniform and plain clothes are provided for his protection.

The police officer said that they had received an intelligence report a few days ago in connection with the safety of the star campaigners who are in the process of visiting various locations for their election campaigns.

The officer added saying that we have received a warning towards the occurrence of untoward incidents after the report. The information has been passed on to the local policemen and in some of the cases we have requested the campaigners to avoid certain routes as a precautionary measure.


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