Tue. May 21st, 2019

Police strategize and prepare for hassle-free art exhibition


Kochi: In connection the upcoming international exhibition of contemporary art that is to be held in Kochi on December 12, the police have come up with several distinct aspects that will ensure the smooth activities of this edition of the exhibition.

The police have planned to mobilize hundreds of personnel on the ground, surveillance systems, and mobile and bike patrolling to keep a close watch on the thousands of visitors from the country and abroad.

Mr. P .Rajkumar, Circle Inspector, Fort Kochi said that our aim is to provide a hassle-free viewing of the art exhibition for the hundreds of people visiting Fort Kochi and nearby places during the four-month long festival. He added saying that besides ensuring a stringent surveillance of the installations, the police will be keeping a vigil at all spots associated with the festival.

The police have already conducted various meetings with various stakeholders ahead of the art exhibition. Mr. Rajkumar said private bus operators have been instructed to maintain a friendly relationship with visitors and help them.

He said that the police have also met the representatives of loading and unloading workers and have instructed them not to enter into any arguments while loading and uploading art works. The police said that the state’s image will suffer a setback if they enter into any differences with the organizers over the loading and unloading of various consignments.

The police have also held a conference with the opposing side to discuss terms with the managements of homestays and hotels in Fort Kochi and nearby areas. They have been instructed to ensure the prescribed guidelines in ensuring the safety and security of the visitors. The police is planning to hold meeting with the street vendors to educate them on how to interact with those visiting the Biennale sites.

A special session is proposed to be held by the police with the auto rickshaw drivers in the region to ensure their cordial cooperation. The programme will be held in association with the Motor Vehicles Department. Parking regulations will be in place at nine festival venues.


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