SHO Poses as a Pimp to nab human trafficker; accused arrested

The police said on Friday that Saddam Hussain, A 23-year-old man from Bihar’s Araria, a resident of Haryana’s Panipat was arrested for allegedly trying to sell his second wife in a brothel at GB Road.

He was frustrated over constant fighting between his two spouses. The the police said that Saddam first got married around five years back and had three children from it and around two years back, he married another woman.

The police said that the two wives didn’t know about each other in the beginning but soon the secret came to the light when Saddam brought his second wife to the home where his first wife and children lived. Then, they all started living together.

A police officer said that Saddam was frustrated with the regular fights over petty issues in the house and decided to sell one of them though initially everything was fine.

The police said that the accused stated during interrogation that he decided not to sell his first wife as he needed her to take care of his children and his second wife was younger and had no children.

So, he decided to sell her or also planned to kill her and to dump the body if he failed to sell her. He then brought her to Delhi on the pretext of spending some quality time with her.The officer added that he had purchased a knife and a new shirt so that after the murder, he could dispose off the old shirt as it would have bloodstain .

The police said that he checked in at a hotel near GB Road with his second wife and made contacts with several pimps in the area, but failed to fix a good deal to sell off his wife. Sunil Kumar, Kamla Market SHO  was informed by a pimp about his suspicious activities.

A trap was laid to nab Saddam at a scheduled spot where Saddam was called to collect the remaining amount and hand over the woman by Mr. Kumar along with other staff .The officer posed as a pimp and called him offering him ₹1.20 lakh for the deal. ₹10,000 was sent as an advance payment. Mr. Kumar said that the accused was then nabbed from there and the woman was rescued.

The police said that Saddam has been booked under IPC Section 370 [trafficking of persons] and the woman has been sent to a shelter home.

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