Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Strict action will be taken against Routism, warned by Vellore SP Pravesh Kumar, IPS


Vellore: In Vellore, Rowdy gangs led by vasool Raja of Sathuvachari,Veechu Dinesh and Johnny of Katpadi have clashed in public places with deadly weapons. This caused public people to panic and complain from time to time.

Following the action, Vellore District Superintendent of Police  Mr. Pravesh Kumar, IPS prepared a list of rowdies who threatened the people and arrested them. In the last few months, 369 rowdies have been arrested.

35 of them have been taken into custody under the Goondas Act. If the police of dramatic action in the Vellore district ravudiyisam has been controlled. Stronger action will be taken against those who engage in Routism in the future.

Vellore SP, Pravesh Kumar, IPS, “Police detention will be extended under the Goondas Act” and he warned seriously.


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Mr. S. Babu
State President  Broadcast media Wing
Newsmedia Association of India


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