Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh Police align together and arrested key accused in jewellery theft


Coimbatore: The Tamil Nadu Police with the help of the Andhra Pradesh Police has arrested the key accused behind the robbery of jewellery worth Rs.98.05 lakh from two employees of Kalyan Jewellers on the Salem-Kochi Highway near K.G. Chavadi on January 7. The accused has been apprehended by the special investigation team and has identified him as Firoz. He was already involved in a hawala money robbery during his movement in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The police said that Firoz along with nine others who were involved in the highway robbery will be brought to Coimbatore after they have recovered the stolen jewellery worth 350 sovereigns and 243.320g of silverware. On January 9 two other alleged accomplices surrendered before a court. The Andhra Pradesh Police told the Tamil Nadu police that Firoz did not possess all the loot.

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