Tue. May 21st, 2019

Uttarakhand police prepares to approach Interpol for issuing red corner notices against Main accused and 2 associates in kidney racket


DEHRADUN: Uttarakhand police is preparing to approach Interpol through the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for issuing red corner notices against Dr Amit Kumar, the alleged kingpin of the kidney racket that was busted in a charitable hospital on the outskirts of the city earlier this week as well as his son Akshay and close associate Rajiv Chaudhary.

Confirming this late on Friday, Mr. Nivedita Kukreti, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Dehradun said that the request for issuing the notices will be formulated shortly. In addition, police is also likely to announce a cash reward of over Rs 1 lakh for information regarding the three accused. Mr. Kukreti said that as per information received from the bureau of immigration, Kumar, the main accused is believed to be still hiding in the country although he may try to escape to Nepal where he has close associates.

Incidentally, Kumar had fled to the neighbouring country after his name figured in a kidney racket being operated from Gurgaon a few years ago. Later, CBI initiated extradition measures and brought him back to India. Kumar is believed to be a serial offender and has cases registered against him in a number of states for running kidney rackets. Police sources said that he also carries a reward of Rs 40,000 on his head in Maharashtra, his home state.

Meanwhile, police said that the four Omani nationals whom they wanted for questioning had left India on the night of September 10, a day before the racket was busted. “Immigration officials have confirmed to us that the four foreigners have left the country,” Mr. Kukreti said. The Omanis had come to Dehradun on a tourist visa but were allegedly getting a transplant done.

During raids at the Gangotri Charitable Hospital at Doiwala on the outskirts of the city on September 11, the police had recovered travel documents of the four — identified as Ghanim Saeed, Al-Harsusi, Abdullah Hamid Mohammad Harsusi and Hamid Saeed Al Harsusi. The four had stayed at the Nature Villa resort located at the Haridwar-Dehradun road from August 28 to September 10.

On Friday, police teams carried out searches at the rooms of key accused Rajiv Chaudhary who was also staying at Nature Villa and recovered passbooks and cheque books revealing the financial transactions made in the multi-crore kidney racket.

In an important recovery, police also seized five renal angiography reports during the raid. Kukreti said that the reports would be matched with suspected donors which would give further clues regarding the case.

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