Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Vellore SP introduced “POLICE POLL APP”


Vellore: The Poll Police app has been developed with the Vellore District Police and VID University students to help the police in the Lok Sabha election and assembly elections.

Today on the 15.04.2019 office of Vellore range, in the presence of Deputy Inspector General of police Mrs. Vanitha, IPS, Vellore district Superintendent of police Mr. Pravesh Kumar, IPS was introduced the Police Poll App.

Through this app, we know how many polling stations are available in the District. Officers in the service can find out details of the tense ballots, details of the police officers, other officers and their telephone numbers.

The Vellore Police Superintendent said that the applications were created to locate the police officers location (GPS LOCATION) and have any issue occurs immediately rushed to the officers to send the intimations through this apps has been developed.


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Mr. S. Babu
State President  Broadcast media Wing
Newsmedia Association of India


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