Woman inspector appreciated for her brave deed


Chennai Police Commissioner Mr.A.K. Viswanathan appreciated a woman inspector for her bravery in nabbing an accused after a chase on Monday night.

While Ms.E. Rajeshwari, Law and Order Inspector of the Secretariat Colony police station was traveling on a patrol jeep near the ICF railway quarters, saw a suspicious looking youth waiting with a bike, she questioned him. The man took to his heels. She got down from her vehicle and gave him a chase.

When she caught him by the collar, the man tried to attack her with a knife. Ms. Rajeshwari overpowered him and disarmed him with the help of the jeep driver Prabhu.

The man was then taken to the police station for interrogation. He was identified as V. Sanjeev kumar, 21. He was allegedly waiting to murder a history-sheeter, Arun, who was part of a gang that killed his father Vanniya Sampath eight years ago.

The police said that Sanjeev kumar’s brother Subramania Rajeev had came out on bail after he was arrested for killing a gangster, ‘Kurangu’ Vinodh, in October last. Arun, one of Vinodh’s close associates, swore to settle old scores over the killing of his friend. Rajeev escaped when Arun made an attempt on his life last week. An angry Sanjeev kumar decided to take revenge on the history-sheeters.

At 10.30 p.m. on Monday, Sanjeev kumar stabbed Karthick, a vegetable vendor to death who was the key accused in his father’s murder.

He fled the spot and was waiting for Arun.

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