Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

Women Police make a marriage successful in station premises


Chennai: It was a memorable occasion at the Tiruvallur All Women Police Station (AWPS) on Thursday as a marriage was solemnized on the premises of the police station and a couple was sent out happily after their marriage along with their relatives.

The Police personal at the station gave a helping hand to an 18-year-old girl, to get married to the 26-year-old boy, Dilli babu. For the marriage occasion Tiruvallur DSP, Mr. S. Gangadharan along with other police personal gathered at the station premises. The DSP handed over a gift to the girl during the function. The relatives of the girl were very happy and thanked the police personal and distributed sweets as a mark of thankfulness to the police to make the marriage possible.

The matter came to the light when Seetha who is from a village in Tiruvallur threatened to end her life as she was pregnant. She claimed that she had a relationship with Dilli Babu from a neighboring village but he had refused to marry her.

Ms. Chitradevi, Inspector, Tiruvallur AWPS said that the two persons were in a relationship for the past two years. It was only recently that she came to know that she was two months pregnant.

A policewoman in the station said that on knowing about the incident the girl’s father went to Dilli Babu’s house and confronted his parents. The parents of Dilli Babu were against the marriage and asked the girl’s father to prove the paternity of the child. On hearing, he became angry and challenged them that he would get a DNA test done.

Later, the girl and her father went to the Tiruvallur AWPS and on registering the case, the police summoned Dilli Babu. The police officer said Dilli Babu agreed to everything that Seetha said and accepted to marry her after a few days. However, after a few days, he was found missing from his house and his parents pretended to be ignorant. During the investigation process the police came to know that he was in Cuddapah.

A senior police officer said that Dilli Babu sings for a music troupe. When the police called him over phone, he said to the police that he would come on Wednesday. In the beginning, his parents were unwilling to accept to the marriage, but they later agreed after it was told to them by the police that their son could be arrested. The police suspected that Dilli Babu would run away again so they organized the marriage outside the station.

A constable in the station said we have united lovers who run away secretly to get married, but this is the first time a marriage is being solemnized on the station premises. It is very good to see someone walk away happy.





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