Prakasam police are campaigning to promote peace and democracy in the forthcoming local body election

Praveen Samuel

Prakasam: The Prakasam district Superintendent of Police (SP) Mr. Siddhartha Kaushal, IPS and the Prakasam police officers are visiting the villages as part of the prerequisites. Prakasam police are undertaking election awareness campaigns that are aiming at ‘peace and order’ which is getting a huge good response from the public. […]

Awareness Conference on Implementation-Prevention of Criminal Procedure Code and Guidelines

Praveen Samuel

Tirupati: The Tirupati Urban District Superintendent of Police Mr. A. Ramesh Reddy, IPS and Tirupati LL&O Additional SP, Mr. Anil Babu IPS, has laid down the Guidelines for Arrest of Criminal Procedure Code Awareness Program for Tirupati Urban District Police Officers. The guidelines are given below. During the course of […]

Kadapa Police conducts Awareness meeting on Road safety with the Public

Praveen Samuel

Kadapa: In Kadapa, a District-wide vehicle inspection was conducted on Sunday. The Police held meetings with the public. The District SP Mr. KKN Anburajan IPS warned that legal action would be taken if vehicles were driven under the influence of alcohol. Surprise inspections were carried out at the suspect’s home […]

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