Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Achievements of police personal were recognized and rewarded


Bengaluru: A cash reward was presented to 30 personnel of the Police department from the Whitefield division and a four-day holiday was allotted for their outstanding performance in the line of duty. Two of the awardees were women from the Home Guard.

The two Home Guards Ms. Kamala and Ms. Leela, who are attached to Marathahalli police station, were on their way to work in plainclothes when they noticed two women picking pockets in a crowded BMTC bus. The two Home Guards kept a close watch on the pickpockets and caught them when they got down from the bus. The accused women allegedly tried to bribe the officers so that they will not be arrested. Ms. Kamala said that she was doing her duty and her family and friends are so happy that her work has been recognized.

Mr. Abdul Ahad, Deputy Commissioner of Police said that digital display boards have been put up in every police station across Whitefield division where the names of the personnel will be displayed. They were given a reward of Rs.5, 000 each at a felicitation ceremony. They will get four days of paid leave and can go on vacation with their family, which will be paid for by the department. Their names will be displayed on a digital board till the next batch is identified. These men and women have the courage and commitment to catch habitual offenders and armed anti-social elements at the risk of their safety. Such acts need to be recognized, he added.

Senior police officers are in the hope that this kind of acknowledgement of work will improve and motivate the morale of the police force. A Senior Police Officer said that these initiatives will motivate the police personnel on the ground to uphold the values of the Police Department adding that the focus was on junior personnel who are often neglected by their senior officers.






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