Tue. May 21st, 2019

Air Intelligence Unit (A I U) seized 6. 5 Kg pure gold materials and arrested the four accused


The Air Intelligence Unit (A I U) arrested four passengers while exchanging crude gold ornaments worth ₹1.86 crore inside Mumbai airport on Sunday. The gold, smuggled in from Bangkok, was being taken to Delhi.

A passenger namely Rakesh Kumar, who was in transit from Bangkok to Dubai via Mumbai was being watched by the officials of the Air Intelligence Unit (A I U) on the basis of profiling and intelligence. He had arrived by Jet Airways Flight.

As the A I U officials followed Mr. Kumar they found him handing over gold to three domestic passengers travelling to Delhi by an Air India flight, in the departure transit area. The A I U officials intercepted and while making a personal search they recovered 11 crude gold chains, five crude gold kadas and seven crude gold pendants, all of 999% purity totally weighing 6.5 kg. The gold was valued at Rs.1.86 crore.

In the statement that was recorded under Section 108 of the Customs Act, the passengers admitted to their involvement in smuggling the gold. Mr. V. Rama Mathew, Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Airport said that all four passengers were placed under arrest.

Last week, in two separate cases the A I U recovered gold worth Rs.80.47 lakh  at the airport. Gold worth Rs.34.32 lakh weighing 1.198 kg was recovered from an Air India aircraft on September 25.

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