Tue. May 21st, 2019

Baghpat Police took prompt action and arrested man for circulating anti-national posts on social media


Baghpat: The Baghpat police said on Thursday that they arrested a man for circulating anti-national messages on social media.

The mater came to light when Mr. Dipak Kumar lodged a complaint with the police in connection with the incident and the complaint stated that a WhatsApp group named Josh, was circulating objectionable anti-national messages leading to inciting the local group members.

On receiving the complaint the police lodged an FIR and the accused was arrested and identified as Naeem and the admin of the WhatsApp group.

During investigation it was found that the accused Naeem runs a Common Services Centre in his village. The police said the accused had added in the group some Pakistani contacts and was defaming the Indian flag and country.

The posts that were circulated had anti-national content which triggered tension in the area, but the police have taken quick and prompt action to avoid any untoward incident.

Station Officer Mr. Chitwan Kumar said the accused has been booked under various sections of IPC and IT Acts. The mobile phone of the accused has been confiscated.

The group consisted of at least 110 member. The police are identifying the group members and thoroughly examining the posts. Other members will face action if found guilty, the police said.


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