Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

JJ Nagar Police rescued baby in record time and arrested the accused


Mumbai: The JJ Nagar Police rescued a nine-month-old girl, who was kidnapped from Bhendi Bazaar on Wednesday within 24 hours. A 25-year-old woman was arrested for the alleged offence.

The nine month old girl, Gulsa Khan stays at Manpur in Jalgaon district with her family. On Wednesday the entire family had come to Mumbai to attend the Bhendi Bazaar fair, which was organized on the occasion of Milaad Un Nabi according to JJ Nagar Police.

Gulsa was brought to the fair by her mother, Mrs. Nasrin (26) along with her two children and her sisters-in-law, Aazia and Rabia, were with them.

Mr. Shirish Gaikwad, Senior Police Inspector, JJ Marg police station, said when the family was sitting on a raised platform at the fair the accused approached them and sat beside them. She initiated a conversation and offered Niyaaz(holy offering) to Ms. Nasrin. While Ms. Nasrin got up to get water for her daughters and when both Aazia and Rabia were not attentive, the accused fled with Gulsa.

Mr. Gaikwad said after the family of Gulsa failed to find her they approached the police, and an offence was registered based on their complaint. During investigation the police checked footage of Closed Circuit Television cameras of shops around the venue, and ascertained that the woman had not gone beyond Null Bazaar. A sketch of the accused was made based on a description given by Ms. Aazia, and circulated in the area, as well as on social media.

A call from a woman in Null Bazaar was received by the police on Thursday morning stating that she had found Gulsa lying on the street. A police team reached the spot and took Gulsa into custody, after which they questioned the woman.

The Senior Police Inspector said after the police conducted a prolonged questioning session with the woman she confessed that she was the aunt of the accused and had called the police with a false story as she had learned that intensive efforts were being taken to locate Gulsa, and as she was afraid. The accused was subsequently arrested.

On interrogating the accused she confessed to the police that she kidnapped Gulsa as she wanted a child of her own, and had three miscarriages

Gulsa’s father Habibullah Khan said that he was very tensed and did not know what to do as it was late in the night when Gulsa was kidnapped. He appreciated the efforts the police had taken by working all night to find their child. He said that we are very thankful to them for their efforts.

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