Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Mumbai Police arrested two men for stalking and assaulting woman


MUMBAI: The Mumbai police arrested two men who were indulging in stalking and assaulting a woman at Juhu beach on Thursday evening.

The accused have been identified as Amit Varma(27) and Rakesh Pal(28). They were trying to quietly and carefully click photographs of the woman, the police said.

The police officer said that one of the woman’s sisters on Wednesday evening, who is pregnant, had come down from Gujarat for a visit. The woman decided to go to Juhu beach for a stroll with two of her sisters including the one from Gujarat. They reached Juhu beach around 6.30pm. As the women were seated on the bench, the complainant woman noticed two men stalking them. The men had been following them around for a while. Around 7.15pm while the women were sitting on the bench, the two men came up and started smoking.

When the woman noticed that the men were taking selfies at such an angle that her image too would be captured she confronted them but the men abused her and beat her up, said the police. On seeing the incident, the onlookers called up the police control room and the two men were arrested.

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