Property offenders-Police initiate preventive action


The city police and their rural counterparts have started focussing on preventive action against property offenders on police records.

Usually, house break-ins, burglary and theft (HBT) cases rise during Diwali, as most people bring home cash and other valuables for performing puja.

Aurangabad city police have 17 police stations, while their rural counterparts have 23 police stations. All of these police stations have prepared a list of property offenders on police record and started taking preventive action against them.

According to a Senior police officer ,the police have completed over 50 per cent execution of the decided preventive action.

Aurangabad Commissioner of Police Mr. Yashasvi Yadav told, “Apart from taking preventive action against the active criminals, we have also received a list of property offenders, who have committed HBTs in the past decade, especially during Diwali.”

The rural police apart from the area police stations have also pressed its local crime branch for this purpose.

The rural police are also working to update the list of active criminals, so that full-proof preventive plan is sketched out and implemented accordingly.

Aurangabad Superintendent of Police (Rural) Ms. Arti Singh told, “Our aim to initiate action against active criminals is not just aimed at checking HBTs but also street crimes.”

The Superintendent of Police told that apart from all the preventive measures during Diwali, she will increase police patrol in far-off rural areas, as they are comparatively vulnerable pockets.

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