The Police Superintendent opened two Police outposts in Nagapattinam

The new beach in Nagapattinam has a variety of recreational, fun sports equipment and parks. The only recreational spot in Nagapattinam is the Nagapattinam new beach. It is a place where a large number of people gather every day for walking and relaxing.

In the past few years, the new beach has been found to be undeveloped without maintenance. Even the seating facilities provided to the public have been damaged by mysterious people.
This was a place where people used to drink alcohol and a tent for anti- social elements. Complaints regarding this have come to the Nagapattinam District Superintendent of Police, Mr.Vijay kumar. Immediately the old Police outpost has been renovated. Similarly, the police outpost of the new bus station in Nagapattinam was renewed.

The opening ceremony of the 2 renovated outposts was held on this occasion. The District Superintendent of Police Mr.Vijaya kumar participated in the function and opened the 2 renovated police outposts. He also examined whether the Walki Talkies that were kept at the outposts were functioning properly. Assistant Superintendent of Police Mr. Pathrinarayanan, Divisional Police Inspector Mr. Sivapragasam, Divisional Assistant Inspector Mr. Iniyavan and the Police participated in the function.



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