Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

The Women Police arrested a man on charges of torture


Chennai: The Chengalpattu All-Women Police took a man aged 30 into custody as he was accused for torturing his wife and inflicting burn injuries on his baby son who is one year old in Urapakkam and they registered cases against the man’s parents.

The police said that the family of Karthikeyan aged 30 lives in Urapakkam. The couple also lives with the boy’s parents. His wife is an engineering graduate. Their marriage took place in 2016 and they have a one-year-old son.

Inspector Ms. R. Renuka Devi said the boy’s family has been torturing her after the marriage for no reason. Food was also not given properly to her. She bore all this quietly without telling it to her father as the boy’s family threatened her. The Inspector handled the case.

He attacked his infant child by causing burnt injuries on his calf muscle using a hot ladle in December, the inspector added.

He had kept Geetha under house arrest and was not given permission to come down from her room on the first floor of the house. Moreover, he had also kept the 67 sovereigns of her jewelry including her identity cards in his bank locker and had refused her access, she said.

When the girl’s father visited his daughter a few days ago at his son in law’s house he was shocked to see her condition and took her along with him. They then approached the Kancheepuram Superintendent of Police, who forwarded the case to the Chengalpattu All-Women Police station.




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