Manipur-Police-LogoManipur is a state in northeastern India, with the city of Imphal as its capital. Manipur is sometimes called alternative names such as Kangleipak or Sanaleibak. Manipur was fomrd on 20 January, 1972, with a population of 2.722 Million(2011) and spread across 22,327 km.

About Manipur Police

Pre-British Period

There was no formal policing in Manipur, as such, before the arrival of the British on the scene. There was a system known as the “Lallup System”, which meant free labour of the people to the King. The people were allotted a plot of land for which they were not required to pay revenue, instead had to serve the state 3 months in a year, or 10 days in every 40 days, to be precise. This service of the people was used by the King in various parts of the administration such as guards, construction work and in providing some sort of informal policing.

Since the same person was not continually employed for the purpose nor paid any salary, it would be easy to appreciate that in tracking down of criminals and keeping a watch on their activities, the system was most inadequate and could hardly be called policing.

Manipur Police is headed by Director General of Police(DGP), NB. L. M. Khaute, IPS.